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Tim Hortons is ready to lift spirits and raise money for a good cause – with cookies!

The popular coffee shop’s Smile Cookie program is back again, debuting this spring, helping support several nonprofits in the same local markets where Tims serves its guests. Started in 1996 as a fundraiser for a local children’s hospital, Smile Cookie is now synonymous with Tim Hortons’ philanthropic efforts across the U.S. See organizations near you benefit from the week-long event, visit timhortons. com/smilecookie.

Monday through May 7, at participating restaurants, guests can purchase a Smile Cookie for $1.50, with 100% of that purchase (excluding taxes) going to a specific nonprofit in that local market. Tim Hortons donated more than $290,000 to local organizations last year in the United States alone.

This year, the local Tim Hortons, owned and operated by Gina and Dave Krohn, set up the Boys and Girls Club of North Chautauqua County.

Each smiley cookie is known for its unique design. Each chocolate chip cookie is individually decorated by a team member, so no two are exactly alike. This year, on May 6, select locations will be hosting a cookie decorating event where guests will have the chance to purchase cookie decorating kits complete with cookies, along with all the extras and tools needed to decorate.

Guests can choose to take them home, or enjoy them during the event inside the restaurant, along with other family-friendly activities.

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