Shoal Creek Conservation Center hosts a fun-filled cooking event | KSNF / KODE

Joplin, Missouri – More than a dozen people took the kitchen outside, today (Saturday), in preparation for the summer camping season.

The Missouri Department of Conservation held the final chapter of its six-part virtual series called Field Day and Cook-o-Rama.

Focuses on the basics of outdoor cooking using cast iron ovens and dutch ovens.

The course started “virtually” back in March, and today, the participants have come together to put all of that virtual learning to the test.

Some of these members came from the Kansas City and St. Louis areas.

The class would make coffee, biscuits and beans, cinnamon rolls, dump cake, and fruit cobbler, all with cast-iron pots.

“People want to be outdoors. You know, and they want to make memories, they want to spend time with their friends and family. And one of the ways we make memories is by eating. I mean, by cooking, you know, by getting together and spending that time together. So, this allows someone Maybe just maybe he cooked hot dogs on a stick. Or maybe on a camp stove or something. “It gives them more options,” said Andy Rhodes, conservation educator, Missouri Department of Conservation.

Next weekend, the Missouri Department of Conservation is hosting a Forager’s Tea Party at the Shoal Creek Conservation Awareness Center in the Wildcat Glades.

Visitors will learn all about foraging and how to make tea with these foraged ingredients.

Registration is required for this event.

You can find a link to the Missouri Department of Conservation website here.

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