Starbucks adds new items to its big summer menu that changes from day to day and will leave you with a treat

Coffee lovers are delighted with the latest addition to the iconic Starbucks menu.

Customers can order two new iced coffee drinks and a festive summer treat today.

The Chocolate Java Mint Frappuccino is a fresh take on the classic flavourCredit: Starbucks
White Chocolate Macadamia Cream Cold Brew joins the listCredit: Starbucks

Starbucks introduced the Chocolate Java Mint Frappuccino and White Chocolate Macadamia Cream Cold Brew.

Cool drinks are perfect for warmer summer days, especially the java mint Frappe, which is described as “reminiscent of mint chocolate chip ice cream.”

The Frapp includes Frappuccino chips mixed into a “cooler treat than cold” and topped with a mint chocolate chip cookie layer.

“With the Chocolate Java Mint Frappuccino, we wanted to take a fresh approach to the classic combination of mint and chocolate to create a blended coffee drink that evokes nostalgia for one of our summer favorites,” said Maureen Matthews of the Beverage Development Team.

“Our new Mint White Chocolate Sauce is thin and creamy, and when paired with the crunch of a Frappuccino chips and sweet swirl of rich mocha, it’s reminiscent of poolside Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream on a warm summer day.”

A grande Frapp will run you $5.95.

On the other hand, the second new drink is inspired by the flavors of white chocolate macadamia nut cookies.

Customers will love the coffee, which is sweetened with macadamia syrup, topped with a cool foam of white chocolate macadamia cream and finished with toasted cookie crumbs.

This drink costs $5.25 a grand.

And for everyone who loves sweets, there is Bumblebee Cake Pop.

This dessert combines vanilla cake and buttercream frosting dipped in yellow chocolate glaze and finished with a fun bee design.

Each Pop Cake costs $3.25.

Prices and availability may vary from store to store.

Bumblebee Cake Pop costs just over $3Credit: Starbucks

new charges

This menu update comes as fans are still squabbling over recent price changes at Starbucks.

Customers said they charge between 80 cents and $1 for non-dairy add-ins like almond, oat, soy and coconut milk.

However, those who order four ounces of milk in certain drinks are not charged at all.

Because of this discrepancy, some have begun to call the fee a “vegetable tax”.

The backlash was so intense that Starbucks dropped the fee in several other countries, including the United Kingdom, France, and most recently, Germany.

While Starbucks customers have reported being charged, the company told The US Sun that in US stores, people can add up to four ounces of non-dairy milk to hot or iced tea or coffee, cold brew, and Americano drinks without any additives. it costs.

Oddly enough, a spokesperson for the café also told us that Rewards members can redeem 25 stars for substituting non-dairy milk in any drink “where it’s not part of the standard recipe.”

For example, order an iced coffee latte with oat milk instead of the 2 percent milk it’s usually made with.

“Currently, Starbucks’ permanent menu offers eight drinks with non-dairy milk as a standard recipe,” the company added, meaning customers will not be charged extra.

While enjoying the new beverage, reminisce about the 8 discontinued Starbucks items.

Plus, the coffee shop has a bit less competition after one of its competitors closed down after nearly a decade in business.

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