Stylish Tiny reveals a generous living room thanks to the unusual design

Everyone’s dream home looks different. Those who want to enjoy a large space for socializing or making friends, prefer a configuration that puts the living room in the foreground. Despite size limitations, even homes on wheels can do it. Beautiful and luminous Snowdrop rearranges the pieces of the puzzle for an unexpected result.

Mobi House is, by far, one of the most prolific small home builders in Europe, offering an incredibly diverse range. They are also more flexible than most when it comes to furnishings. Customers can choose the standard version for a fully furnished home, the Cozy version that adds all the appliances, or the more affordable DIY version, where they take care of the equipment and furnishings themselves.

The allotment also extends to the final size of the home on wheels, as long as the weight is kept within 3.5 tons (the legal limit for the road). The team at Moby House works with three main trailer sizes: six meters (19.6 feet), 7.2 meters (23.6 feet), and 8.4 meters (27.5 feet).

The designs of this brand are very diverse in terms of design and style but have three main features in common. First of all, it’s made of high-quality materials, including Scandinavian fir wood for both the exterior and interior panels. Secondly, it is fitted with the best in terms of insulation and heating (which makes it livable all year round). Finally, they are road legal and conditioned for easy transportation.

Snowdrop Tiny House

Photo: Moby House

The Mobi Snowdrop is among the largest models offered by the Polish brand, sitting on a 7.2m two-axle trailer. It is a two-storey design with one serving as the master bedroom and the second more suitable for storage. What makes Snowdrop different from any other tiny house of the same category is the unusual layout of the main floor, with the living room taking up most of the space, while the kitchen is tucked away at one end of the house.

Two things make Snowdrop as bright and luminous as all of Mobi House’s designs: the extensive use of glass (large windows and elegant French doors) coupled with an all-white interior, mimicking the serene atmosphere of a traditional farmhouse. What is unusual is that as soon as you enter, you are greeted by an unusually large convertible sofa that sits in the center of the house.

This type of small two-story loft often comes with a symmetrical floor layout and one or two staircases leading to the loft areas. However, in this case, the living room takes center stage, flanked by the kitchen at one end and the bathroom at the other.

Even with this unusual placement, the living area still has plenty of light and great views because the large sofa is located below the windows and in front of the entry doors. Thanks to the modular design (one of the main ones when it comes to small home furnishings), it also incorporates ample storage spaces. At night, it can be converted into a bed on the main floor for more accommodation.

Snowdrop Tiny House

Photo: Moby House

The neat upper shelves provide extra storage without clutter, and there’s enough room for a fold-out table that can transform into a dining table for the whole family. As for the chairs (also foldable), they hang neatly against the kitchen wall, and stay out of the way when not in use.

The kitchen is quite small for a house of this size due to its unusual setting. However, it has been designed to perfectly integrate all the essential appliances and still includes plentiful storage space in the form of soft-closing drawers and upper cabinets.

The smaller loft is located directly above the kitchen, surrounded by many windows that keep it well lit during the day. A rustic-style guardrail made of rope makes the loft feel more spacious by not obstructing the view. Although suitable for storage, this room is also flexible enough for different activities, thanks to the abundance of natural light, extra light fixtures and electrical sockets.

The second loft, used as the master bedroom, is connected to the first floor via a beautifully crafted staircase with an elegant asymmetrical design and illuminated balustrade. The main storage area, which would normally face the kitchen, is unobstructed in this case, making it much easier to access. The bathroom is also located at the end of the house, and comes with all the essentials. The master bedroom benefits from multiple windows for cross ventilation and features an elegant feature wall made of wood.

Snowdrop Tiny House

Photo: Moby House

The Snowdrop comfort version includes an electric oven and electric refrigerator for the kitchen and a TV in the living room. A combination of a digitally controlled underfloor heating system and electric heater keeps the temperature warm in the cooler seasons.

Mobi Snowdrop’s tiny house in the end feels very spacious because it allows a higher degree of flexibility for the main floor. It also encourages socialization, which can sometimes be an issue with smaller models unless they are fitted with an outdoor deck. Snowdrop has all the qualities of a permanent family home, with the added benefits of greater mobility and sustainability.

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