Sustainable laundry detergent review from Clothes Doctor

wWithout a doubt, one thing that is almost guaranteed to ruin your day is when you notice that one of your favorite items of clothing has a rip, tear, or snag in it.

In the age of fast fashion, up to 92 million tons of clothing end up in landfill each year worldwide, with many people having to throw out beloved items because they wore them too soon.

So, what if there was a way to ensure the longevity of your favorite dress, or your most trusted pair of jeans? And here comes the role of the dressing doctor.

According to the clothing doctor, most pieces of clothing only last two years before they are thrown away by their owner. Founder Lulu O’Connor first noticed this after working in retail in London, which she said showed her unsustainable shopping habits.

Dr. clothes

She decided she wanted to start a company to encourage people to change their consumption habits. And thus Clothes Doctor, which specializes in sustainable clothing care products, was born.

The way it works is that every Clothes Doctor product is formulated to ensure the longevity of your favorite garments, from specialized detergents that protect fabric fibers, to eco-friendly sprays that reduce the amount of washing your clothes need. during.

The clothing company’s products are made with natural ingredients, scented with essential oils, and all of their products are made in Britain, in a workshop based in rural Cornwall.

Each Dr. Apparel product comes in 100 percent aluminum packaging with a compostable label, making them infinitely recyclable.

From eco-friendly laundry detergents to sustainable fabric softener and natural moth repellents, here are our picks for what to buy from Clothing Doctor to help extend the life of your clothes.

Dr. Apparel Signature Eco Wash

Dr. clothes

If you’re a novice when it comes to sustainable clothing care, get back to basics with Apparel Doctor’s signature Original Eco Laundry. Its mineral base provides effective stain removal, but it means it’s free of toxins and other harsh chemicals. One reviewer commented on the cleaning power of the products, noting that the cleanser is “really effective with a small amount and keeps whites looking bright and fresh.”

Clothes Doctor Natural Moth Repellent Bag

Dr. clothes

Scented with lavender, patchouli, lemon, and eucalyptus, this is Clothe Doctor’s best-selling moth repellent sachet. The fragrance extracted from the herb acts as a natural repellent, and even better yet, a wardrobe refresher to keep your clothes smelling fresh no matter how long they’ve been hanging on the shelves.

Doctor Knitwear Mist

Dr. clothes

Smells of lavender and thyme And Acting as a natural moth repellent, this mist will make your clothes smell great and prevent those pesky moths from causing any havoc to your unsuspecting clothes. It is best to spray this spray on your clothes regularly to get the most out of its mite-repelling properties.

Dr. Echo Fabric Softener

Dr. clothes

Nothing says “luxury” quite like a fabric softener, and this sustainable option is definitely one we can give up. Scented with peppery basil and tangerine leaf, this fabric softener uses essential oils to detoxify and soften your clothes—so they smell just as good as they feel.

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