The 5 Best Sneaker Brands To Dropped For Shopping In 2023

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If 2023 taught me anything, it did sport shoes There is a moment. sambas? deer? Literally anything from New Balance? These are just a few of the shoes that got the most love this year, but perhaps you’d prefer brands with a lower profile to those that are more on the mainstream trail. If you find yourself in this boat, there are an abundance of options on the market that you may not have heard of. To shed some light on these well-deserved names, I’ve compiled a list of the best underrated sneaker brands you can shop right now.

Now there’s absolutely nothing wrong with three stripes and stripes, but it might be worth checking out the low-key brands that are bringing something new and unique to the table. Not to mention, you’ll likely get tons of compliments and questions (rose alert!). I know I get it whenever I wear it Cariuma shoes loved by celebrities. This brand, in particular, is doing incredibly innovative things with its materials, design, and sustainability efforts. In fact, over and over again I get to Pros writer On top of the other sneakers on my shoe rack. They are just comfortable!

A thousand fell is another underrated sneaker brand that StyleCaster has endorsed. It offers a shoe recycling program, uses eco-friendly materials and creates timeless styles. Don’t you feel it’s more rewarding to buy a sneaker when it’s from a lesser-known name that makes an impact in more ways than one? I certainly think so.

Caryoma And A thousand fell They are just two small names worth highlighting. Keep reading to learn about additional sneaker brands. You may not recognize these names at first, but trust me, you’ll want to bookmark all of these sites and start shopping from them ASAP.

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Cariuma Catiba Pro sneakers

Photo: Cariuma; Adobe. Design: KATIE DECKER-JACOBY / STYLECASTER.

I’m personally a fan of the sustainable, celebrity-loved Cariuma sneakers (specifically Katyba Pro). They are the most comfortable athletic shoes I own and I regularly choose them over my other pairs (thank you, Mamuna Oil, bio-cork padding). You can read my full thoughts on Catiba Pro, here. More: Carioma has its own reforestation program in its founders’ home country, Brazil. With every pair of sneakers you buy, the brand will plant two trees. I can’t forget to shout out to Cariuma’s eco-friendly packaging and carbon-neutral shipping, too. It’s easy to see why stars like Pete Davidson, Helen Mirren, Jon Hamm, Robert Downey Jr. and Whitney Port rock these shoes.

A review fell

Photo: A Thousand Fallen. Background: Adobe. Styling: Sasha Purdy / Stylecaster.

If you’re looking for stain-resistant, vegan, and versatile sneakers, look no further than Thousand Fell. StyleCaster Trade Editor Maya Gandara Brand reviewed He says the Court Sneakers didn’t require time to break in. “the A thousand fill court sneakers They are some of the highest quality shoes I’ve tested in quite some time,” she wrote in her review.

Perhaps the most unique part of Thousand Fell is its recycling program, which allows you to send worn-out sneakers to the brand for recycling. You can also get rewards for participating when you pledge to recycle your shoes when you buy them with a $20 deposit and join the SuperCircle initiative. After you send your kicks to Thousand Fell, you’ll get your $20 credit back to put towards a new pair. There’s even a feature that lets you track your husband’s progress on his recycling journey.

Løci sneakers

Photo: LØCI; Adobe. Design: Stylecaster.

Unsurprisingly, here is another low-key brand that puts sustainability first (I see a pattern here). They’ve made a high quality, durable material made from recycled ocean plastic instead of animal skins. You’ll also discover bamboo, natural rubber, recycled foam, and natural cork in the product details for these completely vegan shoes. Also, Løci is committed to making shoes in limited quantities to avoid overproduction and thus waste. To top it all off, the brand puts 10 percent of the profits from every pair of sneakers sold into sustainability causes. Get the sneaker brand that will bring you the most success! They have already done so, as have Olivia Wilde, Ben Affleck, Mila Kunis, and Kristen Bell, and they usually go to Lucy nine.

Oliver Capel shoes

Photo: Oliver Capel; Adobe. Styling: Sasha Purdy / Stylecaster

This is your chance to get fancy shoes without the fancy price tag. Oliver Cable It blends modern materials with old-school technologies – all without the traditional retail labels that tend to make quality footwear unavailable. The pair that immediately caught my attention is Low 1. It reminds me of a comfortable, well-worn look Golden Goose sneakers (Which, by the way, costs over $500). No two pairs of Low 1s are alike, according to the brand, so you’ll be rocking a one-of-a-kind sneaker crafted from buttery soft Italian calf leather and a Margom outsole.

Axel Arigato shoes

Photo: Axel Arigato. Background: Adobe. Styling: Sasha Purdy / Stylecaster

Axel Arigato It’s been on my radar for a while now. I remember having heart eyes because of their bushy silhouettes, and now that I’m putting this story together, I’m glad to see that these options still stand. StyleCaster fashion writer Olivia Marcus compares them to the new Asics 550s and the Nike Air Force 1, because they’re sporty, stylish—and, of course, versatile. You can easily match it with pants, jeans, skirts or workout clothes.

What Axel Arigato does differently is the frequency with which he releases new boots. The brand’s weekly drop schedule keeps shoppers coming back for all the eye-catching shapes and colors. Take, for example, Genesis vintage runner.

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