The 8 most luxurious upgrades you can make to your bathroom

average price: $692

“Installing a soothing sound system is one of the most recent bathroom upgrades in recent years,” said Dustin Fox, realtor and owner of Team Fox Homes, a group that serves Virginia. Washington, D.C.; Maryland and West Virginia. “It’s a simple upgrade and costs relatively[less]than other luxury upgrades.”

As for where to put your sound system, he said you have a few choices.

“It can be installed on a shelf next to the shower glass or tub, and there is also the option of placing it on the ceiling wall or side wall,” he said. Additionally, consider improving sound quality by placing a couple of speakers in opposite corners of the room.

He noted that it is important to consider what future buyers might think about the location of your sound system, as this may affect its resale value.

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