The Bears’ trainer reveals a huge improvement in Justin Fields

The Chicago Bears committed player Justin Fields on a long-term basis this season. The franchise had the chance to have a complete reset after landing the #1 pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. With new general manager Ryan Paulis and coach Matt Eberflos in place who didn’t pick Fields, many people thought they could look forward to trading their first manager of 2021 and bringing in their own man.

However, this was put to rest when Chicago traded the first pick to the Carolina Panthers. This solidified their commitment to Fields as they worked to improve the supporting cast around him.

With the first round pick up, the Bears made an upgrade in the trenches, Tennessee offensive pick Darnell Wright. Combined with free agent signing Nate Davis, the offensive line is quickly combining.

In terms of weapons, the Bears have also made significant upgrades. Wide receiver DJ Moore was acquired as part of the trade with Carolina and Robert Tonyan was signed away from the Green Bay Packers in free agency.

With the upgrades now in place, it’s time for Fields to take the next step in his development. Some of that will depend on him making improvements in certain areas of his game. Arguably the most dynamic quarterback in the league as a rusher with a combination of size, pace and athleticism, Fields can make quite an impact with his legs.

Sadly, his departure needs some work. He’s come a long way in 2022 and he should continue to improve with better skill players around him. Iberflus revealed areas where the fields are improving during a press conference on Friday.

“Obviously the priority is the passing game,” said Eberfluss. “We ran the ball very well. But we all know we have to get better at the passing game. Part of that is rhythm and timing. That’s working with Justin.

“He’s been really working on it, he’s really good – in terms of the rushing pass, the backhand passes, the motion passes. And he’s made some really big strides in that area, coming so far on his own, and now he’s going into phase two, that first week.”

Fields improved his completion percentage and lowered his interception percentage the sophomore year compared to his rookie season. The quarterback and QBR rating has also improved, making great strides for sure.

As we approach year three, a real breakthrough may be on the horizon. If he continues to put in the work and improve his basics, the sky’s the limit for the impact he can make.

Fields will always be a threat with the ball in his hands as a ball carrier. But he will become a more dangerous player if he becomes a throwing threat as well. With Moore and Tonyan now in the mix along with Darnell Mooney, Chase Claypool and Cole Kmet, improvements in the passing game should happen.

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