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Screenshot on Apr 27 15-25-59Pennsylvania’s Great Outdoors region has hundreds of miles of waterways to explore, most of which have healthy populations of lobster.

The PA Fish and Boat Commission says there are 13 species of native lobster living in the state’s waterways.

If you find a lobster body downstream or along the shoreline, you might assume it’s dead. It is most likely a lobster’s exoskeleton.

They grow a new exoskeleton or shell underneath, and then shed the old one. Crayfish simply crawl out of the old one, like a viper.

Lobster has ten legs. The front legs are claws or pincers used for digging in mud, catching prey, slicing food, and for defense. The other eight legs are used for walking on the bottom.

When threatened, the crayfish flees in reverse by rapidly flicking its paddle-shaped tail. They use two pairs of antennae that taste the surrounding water for food and potential predators nearby.

Crayfish have compound eyes, like insects, which gives them the ability to see their surroundings without moving. They use gills to breathe so they must have water to survive.

Crayfish are a vital food source for many fish, birds and other animals. Crayfish eat both plants and animals, dead or alive. They are the litter crew in streams, rivers, and lakes. By eating dead plant and animal matter they help improve water quality.

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When spring comes and you’re looking for something to do with the family, consider hunting for lobster. They are fun to catch and look like little lobsters.

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