The hottest home decor trends for summer 2023, according to Etsy

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May 2, 2023 | 11:34 a.m

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When we’re looking for a personalized gift, we go to Etsy. When we’re looking for a handmade kitchen item to accent our countertops, we go to Etsy. And when we’re renovating our homes—be it furniture or decor—we (you guessed it) go to Etsy.

The direct-to-consumer market is unparalleled when it comes to bringing to life skilled craftsmen, DIYers and entrepreneurs to bring their designs to life. Now, the e-commerce company has become such a leader in the home and design space that it recently launched a 2023 decor trends guide for shoppers around the world to get inspiration on what to add to their home decor next.

“In the age of social media, shoppers are increasingly looking to stand out from the crowd, and many are turning to handmade and vintage pieces that are totally unique no one else has,” Dayna Isom Johnson, fashion expert at Etsy, EXCLUSIVELY to the New York Post. “We’re also seeing shoppers buying in line with their values ​​more than ever before, whether that means shopping sustainably or supporting small businesses, and Etsy is home to millions of items made by real people all over the world.”

Ahead, find our full exclusive interview with Etsy, along with an overview of each decorating trend. What’s more, we’ve selected some of our favorite pieces to grab from the best Etsy stores that seamlessly fit the bill for each trend.

“Etsy is also one of the best and most popular platforms for buying vintage items — in fact, someone searches for an antique item on Etsy every two seconds,” Johnson points out. “Shoppers especially love vintage lamps, furniture, and wedding items—like dresses and engagement rings—with many turning to second-hand as a way to own something truly unique while also shopping sustainably.”

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1. Dark Woods

JessHomeDecor on Etsy

According to the 2023 Decorating Trends guide, there was a 337% increase in searches for walnut desks and accessories, and a 28% increase in searches for brown seating or furniture.. This isn’t to say light rustic beige is “so tall, bye,” though, though Etsy saw a 14% decrease in searches for raw or light wood and a 29% decrease in searches for beige decor.

“Dark woods create a sense of warmth and comfort in the space, while also providing a touch of personality and sophistication,” says Johnson. Another reason why you love dark woods? It is timeless and versatile.

“Take a classic walnut credenza, for example, which can easily be styled with anything from playful disco ball decor to a modern-accented rug to an old-world, Parisian-inspired mantel,” he offers.

A top Etsy pick that coincides with the trend is the Walnut Serving Board (starting at $50) from CattailsWoodwork.


This top pick is from LayerTree Store.


This is a top pick from KaraLoganStudio Store.

2. Mermaidcore

Calypsos hut on Etsy

If you’ve been keen on following TikTok trends, chances are you’ve heard of Mermaidcore. It’s slowing down zero SIGNS TO A STOP – It even paves a clear path into the home decor area.

“This emerging ocean-inspired look is a much-welcome extension of some of our favorite current trends—like last summer’s crustaceans and coastal granny—but with a whimsical and playful twist,” Johnson explains. “In addition to shoppers looking to add a touch of deep-sea-inspired glamor to their spaces, many will also likely be nostalgic about the nostalgic feelings this trend evokes ahead of its soon-to-be sea-themed movie.”

In the past 3 months, there has been a 125% increase in searches on Etsy for shell runners, a 30% increase in searches for oyster shell rings dishes, a 24% increase in searches for mother-of-pearl trays and a 22% increase in searches for Bubble or pendant light fixtures, according to our 2023 decorating trends guide.

A top Etsy pick that coincides with the trend is the Conch Shell Planter ($15) from gift shop miasorellagifts.


This top pick is from ShopDotOnEtsy.


This top pick is from PastelloStudioCo.

3. Paper lights

nellianna is on Etsy

Taking advantage of vintage Chinese-inspired decor, shoppers around the world are embracing paper lighting in many sizes and styles. Because of its unique nature of diffused light, its moody, soft, warm glow appeals to a variety of aesthetics.

“Nothing creates a cozy atmosphere quite like the perfect lamp—and these days, our favorite shades take a leaf from a time-honored technique dating back to ancient China: leaf lighting,” reveals Johnson. “Choose a pastel blue pendant (starting at $174) or a mushroom-shaped lamp ($65) for a soft, warm glow that creates a welcoming atmosphere.”

According to the 2023 Decor Trends guide, there was an 85% increase in Etsy searches for hanging paper lanterns, a 61% increase in Etsy searches for rice paper lighting and a 24% increase in Etsy searches for paper floor lamps.

A top Etsy pick that coincides with this trend is Paper Origami Lampshade ($15) from shop DinaLockerDesign.


This is a top pick from Akirastudioart Store.


This is a top pick from LapaStudios Store.

4. Carpets with personality

Barbarian crafts on Etsy

Recently, shoppers are adding some spice and flavor to their floors with accent rugs. On Etsy, you’ll find patterns galore, and a stocked repertoire of colors, textures, and sizes.

Etsy saw a staggering 401% increase in searches on Etsy for handwoven rugs, a 62% increase in searches for custom rugs, a 55% increase in searches for colorful rugs, and a 49% increase in searches for wavy rugs, In decor 2023 trends guide.

“Rugs are a great way to have fun with color, pattern, and print without overwhelming the space,” Johnson points out. “Whether you choose a ’70s-inspired shading, a handwoven geometric Moroccan design or an intricate antique Turkish design, a new rug is one of the quickest ways to make a statement.”

A top Etsy pick that coincides with the trend is the Antique Pink Moroccan Rug ($525) from BabaHandmadeRugs.


This is a top pick from happytapis store.


This is a top pick from EZStudio Store.

5. Jewelry for the home

HarperandTheRy on Etsy

Long live the days when jewelry was used to accessorize your outfit. Now, jewelry also makes a statement for the home! Namely, these decorative touches and small luxuries adorn rooms with grandeur and spacious appeal—accessorize in a unique way.

“Glam up your space with light-reflecting sun catchers and crystal-encrusted knobs that take your cabinets from casual to elegant in the blink of an eye—and don’t forget to dress your houseplants with gemstone plants,” advises Johnson. “These finishing touches add a dose of sparkle.” It can even be swapped out seasonally.”

In the past three months, Etsy has seen a 139% increase in searches for gemstone decor, a 50% increase in searches for sun catcher prisms, a 46% increase in searches for unique wall hooks, and a 13% increase in searches More brass kitchen appliances.

A top Etsy pick that coincides with this trend is Lucite Drawer Pull Angled Handles (starting at $33) from LuxHoldups.


This is a top pick from the HooksKnobs Hardware Store.


This top pick is from the top rated BespokeGlassTile Store.

6. Vintage styles

VividStitchShop on Etsy

Enter the revival of old school styles. They’re taking quite the leap, mostly channeling a warm, eclectic, and nostalgic look and feel. In turn, a person’s space can instantly become more sophisticated and refined, while also being unique and playful.

“Old patterns are on the rise, emerging in new and unfamiliar places,” Johnson says. “Reminiscent of old country charm, traditional patterns like toile, chintz, and vintage floral prints are popping up everywhere from textiles to teacups, bringing a touch of eclectic nostalgia straight from our romantic dreams.”

Etsy saw a whopping 1041% increase in searches for embroidered botanical items, while searches for vintage wallpaper increased 162%, searches for floral home decor rose 118%, and searches for canvas art were up 32%.

A top Etsy pick that coincides with this trend is the Chintz Throw Pillow ($45) from Chezshipra.


This top pick is from the top rated LinenIsLove Store.


This is a top pick from the MomoChardoSTUDIO store.

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