The imperfect angles of Bandra’s home are warm and inviting

A couple reached out to architect Gautam Shewa of Gautam Shewa Architects to conceptualize the interiors of their 5,000-square-foot three-storey penthouse in Bandra, Mumbai. The “Not Quite Complete House” has an irregular shape with a few rectangular spaces. The ground floor of the home, which has a Goan-Portuguese tropical theme, doubles as a home office and entertainment area. The sixth and seventh floors contain living and dining space, a kitchen, master bedroom, two guest rooms, laundry room, and a small pantry. The living areas display a blend of modern and antique design styles and offer panoramic views of the Arabian Sea and the Bandra skyline. The interior designer used the irregular shape of the house to create cozy nooks.

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Old and new

The owners – a well-traveled couple – wanted a vibrant home that embodied their cheerful outlook and cultural heritage. The apartment is a blend of modern and vintage, as we’ve matched old and new elements to create a design concept that embraces the best of both worlds. It showcases a clean, uncluttered look of modern design, along with combined with timeless furnishings from the past, adding character to spaces,” says Gautam Shewa, interior designer and founder of Gautam Shewa Architects.

Featuring mustard yellow walls and antique floors that extend from the inside out, the ground floor of the home is a tropical paradise. This area serves as a studio, meeting space and informal meeting room. Here, wooden French doors open onto a beautifully landscaped garden with rockers, hidden lights, and a small pond.

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Not quite an ideal home

The sixth floor contains a spacious central living area with a dining area on one side and a dedicated bar area on the other. This living space is a bright space with carefully curated furniture and decorations. It features double-height ceilings, pitched roofs, and large windows. A small pond with fish runs in the middle of the living room.

It opens to the dining and bar area, making it an ideal space for hosting. The custom bar is decorated with stone and straw. The dining area consists of an antique dining table for six with a wooden cane table top and wooden chairs. This floor also houses the kitchen and guest bedroom. “Although the apartment’s layout is irregular in shape without any straight walls, the design elements, details, natural lighting, materials, floors, and fabrics make it feel like a completely imperfect home. I loved the design of the central living space where residents experience a game of volume, lights, and shadow. One of the main highlights This home to the custom bar counter, stately dining table, and center living area.”

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Open and airy

Visitors can use the elevator or stairs to reach the seventh floor lobby, which opens to an interior corridor overlooking the sixth floor. This level also has a central living area with a wall of framed pictures, a console made of rattan and stone, and some antique décor pieces. At the end of the central living area is a study area with an antique study table and Winchester chair.

Furthermore, the main living areas of the apartment feature a neutral color palette. Neutral interiors reflect more natural light and make the space feel airy and welcoming. The neutral color palette is elevated with contrasting shades and textures that add a touch of drama. On the ground floor, we sought to create a sense of escapism by adding depth and vibrancy to the interiors with yellow walls. mustard color,” adds Gautam.

Form and function

The seventh floor of this Bandra house consists of a primary bedroom, a guest room, a laundry room and a small storeroom. A balcony with plants connects the living area to the master bedroom. The master bedroom and guest room are simple yet elegant. The master bedroom is kept warm with veneer additions, a canvas wardrobe, cane furniture, sheer curtains, and plants. The master bathroom features a steam facility and is an elegant and relaxing space. The staircase on this floor opens onto an inviting balcony with wind chimes, comfortable seating and warm lighting.

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