The Municipality of Park City will offer a landscaping incentive program starting May 1

PARK CITY, Utah — Park City Municipal announced Friday that beginning May 1, residents and property owners will have the opportunity to participate in a new program designed to promote water conservation by incentivizing water landscapes in residential and commercial properties.

To be eligible for the program, a minimum of 250 square feet of lawn must be removed and replaced with approved landscaping. Landlords and residents can get $2 per square foot if completed.

“During the summer months, approximately 70% of our municipal water is used for landscaping – a staggering figure that means millions of gallons can be saved every day by switching to water-efficient landscaping and irrigation practices,” said Mayor Nan Worrell. “I encourage our residents and commercial property owners to get involved in this program – let’s do our part to save water now and in the future.”

All residents and businesses within area code 84060 who currently have lawns irrigated by Park City water will be eligible for the program.

For information on how to apply and how the program works, visit the Landscape Stimulus Program page on the Park City website.

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