The new landlady is completely swept away after deep cleaning her carpets

TikToker Kara Jones (@karajokes917) recently moved into a home previously owned by a family of five, along with their three dogs and two cats. Needless to say, the place needed a deep clean when she moved in, and it seemed like she was expecting it.

But when Jones began deep-cleaning the first-floor carpet, she turned from motivation to disgust.

Now, just like the mom who was horrified by the stinky discovery she made inside her washing machine, the revelation that Jones cleaned has gone viral.

To get started, TikToker borrowed a vacuum cleaner that doubles as a carpet cleaner and started running it along the hallway carpet. Turns out, the area was so filthy that it took five passes to get everything in—and even then, it still didn’t feel completely “clean” to her.

Between each swipe, Jones stopped to show the viewers how much dirt, debris, and hair she had collected in the can as she cleaned the room, and it was pretty shocking.

Next, she moved into the living room, which was her own gross project. In total, that room required nine sweeps to clean, and each time she finished, Jones showed how much pet hair, dirt, and other gunk kept clogging up the enclosure.

I also noticed the horrible smell that was coming up each time and wondered if anyone had cleaned the carpet. (It seems other people on TikTok are starting to wonder about that, too.)

“Girl oh my gosh, yeah at this point just get a new carpet,” one commenter wrote.

Another added, “Look at my toxic trait that I’ll stay up 24 hours straight and pass by pass by pass until the used dump of water is clean.”

Another person joked, “There’s a rumor…she’s still making passes.”

Others said this is why they ripped up the carpets in their homes and chose hardwoods or something similar because carpets “never come clean.”

In the end, Jones said the carpet was “much better” than it was, but it was noted in her comment that she will likely get a new one at some point. (Judging by the photos she shared, this might be her best bet.)

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