The perfect ponytail hairstyles are easy and elegant

The best ponytail hairstyles
Easy and elegant hairstyles to try ponytail hairstyles in 2023Fraser Harrison/Mark Salioko – Getty Images

The ponytail is beauty because the little black dress is fashion! In other words, it’s elegant, timeless, and exceptionally versatile. No matter your hair type and texture or if you have a long hairstyle, a medium length hairstyle, or a short haircut, you can count on ponytail hairstyles to get you through workdays, weekends, and everything in between. While it’s made for times when you’re in a hurry, bad hair days, or moments when you just need to grab your locks and pull them out of your face, the laid-back style is good for so much more. And they don’t have to be boring! Elevate a classic updo for special occasions (hello, wedding hairstyles) and then opt for a casual yet elegant look for everyday wear. Either way, your hairstyle will be easy to achieve yet very chic. This is the beauty of a ponytail!

Do you want some ideas? Well, you have definitely come to the right place. We have collected the best ponytail hairstyles for you to try and try. get it? 😆 Here, you will find a high ponytail, a low ponytail, and a side ponytail too. There are loose, messy updos that you can throw in in a flash as well that look a bit fancier. Browse styles with fun touches like braids, twists, and wraps as well as styles that incorporate our favorite ’80s trends. We’re talking scrunchies, of course! Want size? I got it. Are you looking for more background elegance? You can also find it. And if you have bangs, we have some ideas for you, too. Basically, there is a ponytail for everyone! Did we mention they all make for particularly great summer hairstyles? No matter how you pull your locks, you’re sure to elevate your hair—literally.

Loose high ponytail

The best part of a loose ponytail? You don’t have to spend a lot of time making it perfect. Rose Byrne’s high updo has been teased and slicked back for effortless style—which is made even better by her draped bangs.

The best ponytail hairstyles

Mark Salioko – Getty Images

Loose low ponytail

Another totally imperfect look, Margot Robbie’s low ponytail proves that sometimes messy is better. After you secure your elastic just below the nape of your neck, be sure to pull on some face-framing pieces and then blow out your hair for more tousled volume.

The best ponytail hairstyles

Pool – Getty Images

Ponytail with braid

Enhance your ponytail like Chrissy Teigen’s by adding a braid on the side of your head. We also love the way she covered up her hair tie by wrapping a strand of hair around it. This one makes a great day to night!

The best ponytail hairstyles

Monica Schipper – Getty Images

Inverted ponytail end

How glamorous is this old pony on Rihanna? To copy her look, tie your tresses into a tight bob and then create a heart using a flat iron to curl the ends of your hair. Don’t forget a good heat protectant!

The best ponytail hairstyles

Kevin Mazur – Getty Images

Big ponytail

Volume is the name of the ponytail game for Taylor Swift! You can add a similar lift to your hairdo with one easy method: lots of excitement. She also secured her strands not too low but not too high and then finished them off with charming curls.

The best ponytail hairstyles

Jeff Butare – Getty Images

Horsetail bubble

If you have long, luxurious locks like Tika Sumpter’s, try this unique (and very bubbly) hairdo! You’ll just need a few extra hair ties to make this happen. Wrap them around the length of your pony – space them apart until you get the look you want.

The best ponytail hairstyles

Rich Fury – Getty Images

High side ponytail

Beyoncé sure packs a ponytail punch with this sky-high slicked back. Along with the hair wrapped around her ponytail, it’s made unique (and oh so cool) by the way it falls on the side of her head.

The best ponytail hairstyles

George Pimentel – Getty Images

Low side ponytail

Carefree and cute describes Annie Murphy’s twist on the classic hairstyle. Similar to a low ponytail, it is pulled loosely just behind the ear. We’re especially fans of this style paired with those gorgeous side bangs.

The best ponytail hairstyles

NBC – Getty Images

The middle part of the horse’s tail

There’s a reason this guy keeps showing up on red carpet after red carpet! Like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, you’ll embody all things chic when you try a low, high ponytail with shiny shiny hair down, a stunning mddli part, and a wrapped base.

The best ponytail hairstyles

Steve Granitz – Getty Images

Scrunchie ponytail

Calling all ’80s fans – including Ree Drummond! The beloved scrunchie is back and better than ever. Take a cue from Hailey Bieber and use the accessory to secure all of your updos for a modern twist. It’s also very easy to use.

The best ponytail hairstyles

Tiprina Hobson – Getty Images

Wavy ponytail

With that yellow dress and glamorous hairstyle, we can’t help but compare Constance Wu to Princess Belle. Her medium ponytail is made super chic with soft, cascading waves with a super-glossy look that’s worn back in an updo with subtle volume at the crown.

The best ponytail hairstyles

Fraser Harrison – Getty Images

Textured ponytail

Like Kerry Washington, let your natural curls flow freely by tying it back in a pony at the back of your head. That’s all you really need to do! If you want your tresses to look as full as she does, try gently reshaping the ponytail section for an instant boost.

The best ponytail hairstyles

David Crotty – Getty Images

half ponytail

A half ponytail will never go out of style! You can get the stunning look of a luscious mane with the convenience of having your hair pulled up and removed from your face. Here, Zendaya’s half-pony sits straight on top of her head while her bouncy curls are brought forward.

The best ponytail hairstyles

Rob Kim – Getty Images

Ponytail with a side twist

If braids aren’t your thing, this twisted style seen on Shay Mitchell is a fun alternative. All you have to do is grab a section of the hairline near your part and then twist your locks away from your face. You will add more hair as you work your way down. Repeat on the other side to make the two sections meet at the back of your head or just stick to one side.

The best ponytail hairstyles

Larry Busacca – Getty Images

High ponytail

We can’t have a roundup of ponytails without including the ponytail queen herself. Ariana Grande’s signature style can be replicated by sweeping your strands into an updo at the crown of your head—pulling it up to avoid creating bumps. In this look, the singer adds even more oomph with tiny braids on top of her head.

The best ponytail hairstyles

Steve Granitz – Getty Images

low ponytail

To do this daily, you can do it just as easy to achieve as it is stylish (which it is very Stylish), go with Priyanka Chopra’s super low ponytail. It is placed right at the nape of her neck and then completed with a tease at the top.

The best ponytail hairstyles

Steve Granitz – Getty Images

Side ponytail

Take it from Lily Collins, effortlessly styled bangs transform a classic ponytail from drab to gorgeous! For this, you’ll want to start with a shaggy ponytail and then blow dry your ends into place. Bonus tip: Use hairspray to maintain the shape.

The best ponytail hairstyles

Miria Acierto – Getty Images

Braided ponytail

Blake Lively knows a thing or two about eye-catching hairstyles, and this beautiful half up ponytail half braid is no exception! Once your hair is pulled back, you will just braid your locks however your hearts desire. This can be a French braid or even a fishtail.

The best ponytail hairstyles

Mike Marsland – Getty Images

Bisie ponytail

The key to a messy, sophisticated ponytail like this one seen on Dakota Johnson is tousled waves, body at the crown, and strategically placed face-framing pieces. If you tilt your head back while clamping the elastic, your butt will stay tight all day.

The best ponytail hairstyles

Kevork Djansizian/NBC – Getty Images

Stylish ponytail

It hardly gets any chicer than this shiny and chic hairstyle on Sarah Hyland. The low ponytail has a polished look thanks to a defined S-shape created with a curling iron while the top is smoothed with hair wax.

The best ponytail hairstyles

Mike Coppola – Getty Images

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