The traffic police officer dances happily while the light-up boy surprises her with flowers and presents on Christmas

  • A dancing video of Lit Boy gifting a Kenyan police officer on the job has gone viral and captured the hearts of netizens for his thoughtful act.
  • In the clip, the female officer is seen standing on the side of the road with a female colleague before the dancer surreptitiously approaches her before breaking his moves, illuminating the moment.
  • Then the beautiful traffic officer was handed a beautiful bouquet of pure-smelling roses and a bag of gifts, and the gesture touched her demonstratively, and she began to dance.

In a show of gratitude and appreciation, a traffic officer was surprised with a special birthday celebration.

lit boy
A popular dancer, Little Boy, gave a traffic police officer a happy surprise for her birthday while she and her co-worker were on duty. Photo: Late Boy.
Source: Instagram

birthday dance

The famous surprise dancer Lit Boy snuck into a very fair-skinned female officer identified as Emma while she was out on a busy highway on her special day.

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Little Boy showed up with flowers and gifts that included a chocolate bar to make her day extra special.

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The female officer, who was on duty at the time, could not contain her excitement and joy as she danced to the beat of the music the boy had brought with him.

Lit Boy took to Instagram to share the sweet video with the caption:

“Beautiful day with a beautiful smile. A friend sent me to surprise her because it’s her birthday today and she enjoyed it. Happy birthday Emma.”

Watch the video below:

Netizens interacted with the beautiful Christmas video, and here are some of their comments:

haythamalbusaid wrote:

“onlylitboyofficial if the police are this great. The protest will be peaceful.”

sir_ian_almonte wrote:

“very clean.”

_mphajji_official wrote:

“onlylitboyofficial bro, you are fire bwana.”

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Cute police officers gifts for man

On Thursday, December 30, 2021 She stated that police officers provide not only security, but also warmth, love and comfort to many Kenyans.

In the Igunga village of Kisii, Philip Onkoba, a young man with a disability, is given a sweet moment of Santa Claus by the men in uniform.

This is after he received a surprise Christmas gift, a brand new wheelchair, donated by the Casey County Sheriff along with his officers.

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