The unusual tool Martha Stewart uses to clean up after gardening

On her TikTok, Martha Stewart, standing in one of her garden sheds, shows off what appears to be a small angled broom that she says is “a great garden tool.” She calls it an “unusual” broom-whisk, and guesses that it is of Japanese origin. Describing this “very useful” gardening tool, Stewart says, “I only use it to clear my tables when I do a lot of gardening.” “Makes cleaning up after gardening projects a breeze,” Stewart adds in the video’s caption.

Stewart’s broomstick was likely made from broom corn, otherwise known as Japanese sorghum. The broom’s bristles are flexible, making it easy to reach hard-to-clean places, and with care and maintenance can last a very long time. And it looks like Stewart’s unusual gadget has at least one other practical use aside from gardening: “(I’m) so impressed,” she shares with a wry smile to end her video.

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