This latest bathroom trend favors the aesthetic over the practical

We got it. A combined shower/tub combination can be an eyesore. Molded plastic edges and outdated fixtures are a far cry from the modern Zen aesthetic many look to achieve with a complete bathroom remodel, but ripping out a bathtub in favor of a large, luxurious shower might look better on paper than it does in reality. According to Bath Fitter, half of Americans shower at least once a week, while more than half wish they had the chance to soak more often. Showers are still the most popular way to wash, but you may find yourself missing out on the luxury of a bathtub if you opt for a shower-only setup.

If you have children or pets, or plan to do so in the future, having a bathtub is important for keeping them clean. Trying to wrestle an energetic toddler or soaking dog into a standing shower is far less convenient than the traditional high sides of a bathtub. This convenient shower head might be a fun upgrade now, but it loses points for practicality.

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