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Tiny homes gained popularity a couple of years ago, and have since cemented their place in the architecture world. What started as a cute little trend is now turning into a serious option for home spaces. It is a space-saving and environmentally friendly living solution that reduces the burden on Mother Earth. They are simple and limited alternatives to the majestic and material homes that seem to have taken over. However, since tiny homes are basically a miniature version of modern homes, the traditional products and furniture that we use for our usual apartments and houses, do not work well for them. Small homes need well-designed, compact and functional designs that are created and nurtured, especially for them. These designs need to provide maximum functionality while taking up minimal space. And we’ve curated the top 10 most innovative designs that we think will make your tiny home extra cozy and cozy. These designs exist to simplify + elevate small living settings. Dive in!

1. This stool

Small stools can be useful anywhere. Especially for small homes. They are comfortable furniture to sit on, while taking up minimal space, without forcing you to sit on the floor. They also become more convenient when they are easy to assemble and store since taking them out and keeping them away becomes very effective when living in a small home.

Developed by Alondra Elizalde, this Stool is a small DIY flat stool designed with easy assembly to provide a practical way to have a stool anywhere, anytime. It consists of only a few parts: a seat rest, five legs, a pair of star-shaped spindles, some connecting nuts and bolts, and comes in a flat-packed corrugated cardboard box.

2. Small living kitchens

Tiny houses and flats are becoming increasingly popular today, as people are beginning to prefer more modest and compact accommodations. Of course, the other fact is that smaller apartments are more widely available and more economical too. You can’t expect full-sized complex kitchens to fit in our cramped modern apartments and tiny homes, and that’s where we need well-designed kitchen islands that take up minimal space while offering maximum functionality. Bathroom brand Falper has dipped its toes in kitchen design with its Small Living Kitchens concept.

With Life’s Small Kitchens, Falbber wanted to change the experience of kitchens in small homes. Includes islands designed to make small kitchens feel spacious and luxurious. It brings the complex layouts of large kitchens into smaller homes in a more compact, streamlined form.

3. Flora

Every home – big or small needs a touch of green. And if you want to add a touch of green to your tiny home, Flora may be the product for you. Flora is a WFH wall accessory that combines a cork organizational board with molded jesmonite hanging planters.

Although designed specifically for a work desk or home office, Flora is the kind of versatile product that can fit comfortably into any space in your small home. You can add it to your kitchen, making it easy to water, or in your living room so your guests can enjoy the mini planter too! Flora features dots of color to give terrazzo a modern look, a form of composite material that originated in 16th-century Italy.

4. Graduated space

Designed by Meter Architect and serving as a bed, seating, and storage, this sculptural landscape is called Gradient Space. The furniture/sculpture seems to be cascading down the wall like a waterfall! The multifunctional design features multiple “gradients” that can be used in different ways.

The lowest level of the pedestal is equipped with an upholstered seating area, a built-in side table and an additional surface for the guest to sit on. The customer can relax and work in the sitting area, or watch some Netflix on the TV screen mounted on the opposite wall. Design interventions like Gradient Space can completely transform small homes. They don’t have to feel small, though, with innovative and clever additions like these. Gradient Space is a major lifesaver for modern small homeowners!

5. Minepot

A small house usually has a small but hopefully well-designed kitchen, which needs small but functional kitchen appliances. An innovative appliance that would be the perfect addition to your kitchen is the Minepot.

By Yifeeling, the design inspiration for this concept was the use of hazy and mature colours, the designs finish in mint green but there also seems to be a light yellow version as well. The part where the food is being cooked is opaque or semi-transparent giving you a good view of what is being cooked inside. The idea is for this cooking or warming device to be part of your cooking and eating ritual especially as you prepare and eat food just for yourself.

6. D-tach

The D-Tach is a versatile chair that converts into a compact workspace designed to accommodate today’s mobile work culture. With each day, our world seems to be becoming more and more mobile. Mobile offices, work from home, and freelance jobs are getting more and more popular the further away from corporate offices.

With work culture making such a big shift towards mobile lifestyles, our home offices and furniture should reflect that. It makes the perfect temporary desk for small homes! You can set it up when it’s time to work, then keep it away when business hours are over, ensuring that you don’t waste space on furniture that’s only being used for a limited amount of time. It’s a modular seat design that functions like a traditional office chair, only to disassemble it into pieces that provide a small workspace when you’re on the go.

7. Wall it up

The rise in tiny homes has also spurred some creative thinking on new storage solutions with fewer footprints. However, in this case, traditional products like containers and cabinets just don’t cut it. Fortunately, some new designs have started popping up recently, including one that lets you use the wall for something more functional, less decorative, but still aesthetically pleasing.

Brunetti’s Wall-it concept is a storage solution that can also be a decorative wall piece. Instead of restricting what you can hang on the wall according to a manufacturer’s specifications, Wall-it allows owners to decide where and how to keep different types of objects. This modular ability is due to the strength of the powerful magnets which not only let you decide which containers to attach but also which panels to use.

8. The NOOK Compact Water Purifier

The NOOK Compact Water Purifier is designed by South Korean Hyunbin Yan and is a kind of stylish water purifier that can be installed in the corner. It won’t interfere with the rest of your kitchen sink or counter due to its slim and sleek build. It does not take up much space in a small aquarium, so it can be the perfect choice for small homes or apartments. It features a pluggable drip tray, and magnets on the bottom of the body that can be customized to user preference.

Although it looks like a stylish coffee maker, it is just a water purifier. You can even adjust the amount of water and the temperature by touching the controller.

9. The-O Exercise Bike

Meet “The-O” exercise bike designed to be simple, without all the fancy features you won’t end up using in your daily fitness routine. The fitness accessory was designed with the quirks of owning one in mind. First, the space requirements and inflexibility of use. Then there is the complexity of use that defeats the whole purpose of a simple fitness regimen.

The-O has none of it, and doubles as a practical piece of furniture when your fitness has been on hold for days or even weeks. Use it as a seat for your casual business system or convert it into a bar stool for parties – the options are endless. You can even turn it into a dock for keeping indoor plants.

10. Solar energy

A tiny house may not always be the best choice for your pet! But if you live in a house, and also own a cat, Solar might be the product for you. Shaped like a sun, the Solar is a small but sturdy floating cat bed built from pine wood. In similar fashion to its other cat furniture pieces, MyZoo has arranged the Solar with a slotted resting platform for safe jumping.

Perfect for small spaces, the Solar provides a resting place and jumping platform for your cat and saves space in the meantime.

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