Top 20 Ethiopian Recipes

Are you looking for a way to add some variety and creativity to your dinner table? Let Ethiopian Kitchen be your guide!

full of flavors and textures, Ethiopian recipes Offer something for everyone, no matter their dietary needs.

With these recipes, you can experiment with different combinations of ingredients and unlock a world of great new tastes, all from the comfort of your own kitchen!

Cook your way through all of these great Ethiopian recipes, and be sure to tell us your favorites!

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We start our list of delicious Ethiopian recipes with Doro Wat. It is very comfort food, a popular chicken broth of Ethiopian cuisine.

If you are new to Ethiopian flavors, this is the best recipe to start with, as it is very easy to make but the complex flavors and perfect blend of spices will give the best presentation to Ethiopian cuisine.

So try this one-pot chicken soup, and amaze everyone. If you serve it with its traditional sides like injera or collard greens, you’ll have the best Ethiopian dinner.

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Make classic Ethiopian injera bread at home with the help of this great recipe.

This recipe is a modified version that’s easier and quicker to make, but delivers the same soft, rollable texture and great fermented sour taste.

So try this fermented crepe and serve it with all your favorite Ethiopian dishes.

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Are you bored of regular frying flavors? Then try this popular East African dish known as Awaze Tibs. It is a spicy Ethiopian skillet that you will easily fall in love with.

This hearty dish has rich, bold, aromatic flavors that come from Awaze’s hot sauce, which makes for amazingly delicious beef cubes.

It is one of our favorite Ethiopian recipes.

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Well, it’s time to sample one of Ethiopia’s most popular side dishes, known as gomeen wat, or Ethiopian collard greens. This amazing dish pairs amazingly with anything and everything.

The recipe is great for jazzing up any of your favorite greens and creating a light and healthy dish. Make sure to follow this recipe to make it great every time.

Gomen Wat is ideal for prepping meals in advance, so you can plan your weekly menu. Give it a try and you will surely add this recipe to your collection of favorite side dishes.

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Ethiopian Steak Tartare, also known as Kitfo, is served as part of an Ethiopian sharing dish.

It is premium quality raw ground beef that is well seasoned with spices and clarified butter to give you a savory, salty texture and perfect melt-in-your-mouth umami.

Serve as raw steaks, or sear quickly and partially cook. Be bold and try this fresh and meaty Ethiopian Beef, and get a taste of the real flavours.

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Ethiopian cuisine is known for its bold, aromatic flavors and spices, and if you are a fan of all of this, the Ethiopian Pomegranate Rice Pilaf is a must-try recipe.

This easy recipe can take your simple rice to the next level of deliciousness. Simply saute a portion of rice in spiced butter, then garnish with pomegranate seeds

Make this version with spiced and flavourful rice, and it will become your family’s favorite in no time.

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If you love fried fish, then Ethiopian Asa Tibs will become your all-time favorite. This fried fish is a well-known common food in Ethiopia.

To prepare this delicious dish, you need to make homemade Berber spice mix at home. If you have this ready, you can make any of your favorite Ethiopian dishes at any time.

So what are you waiting for? Try the tastiest fried fish ever with your loved ones, served with limes and an extra drizzle of berbere.

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Another stellar berbere spice mix recipe is berbere chicken with ethiopian lentils!

Filling and satisfying, this dish revolves around chicken well-marinated with berbere spices that is roasted, then oven-baked for crispy, savory flavours.

If you are a vegetarian, you can make the same recipe using tofu and try this classic Ethiopian dish.

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If you want to try authentic Ethiopian cuisine, try Yetsom Beyaynetu, which is a vegetarian dish.

It features different and delicious dishes made with popular spices like berbere and mimitita to make it more flavorful and special. This recipe shows how to make a number of vegetables that you can easily prepare at home

So make them all and enjoy a real hearty Ethiopian dinner.

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Make this classic and much-loved broth of spicy Ethiopian beef, known as Sega Wat!

This wonderful soup is full of delicious flavours. Just follow this original recipe and indulge in the most delicious beef gravy you’ll ever have.

This recipe will defiantly add to your collection of favorite stews.

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We have another traditional, exotic, and boldly flavored Ethiopian soup recipe to try, Misir Wat.

This recipe will elevate simple lentils to another level of deliciousness with its rich blend of spices and easy cooking techniques.

Serve this hearty, comforting soup with lots of creamy Ayebe cheese on top. It pairs amazingly with injera bread, doro wat, collard greens, and many other classic dishes.

It is one of the best Ethiopian recipes ever.

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Guys, they are trying to eat healthy food and don’t want to compromise on its taste? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with another vegetarian recipe, Ethiopian Cabbage!

It features cabbage, onions, potatoes, and plenty of spices like cumin, curry, garlic, and chilies.

It is a delicious, hearty and healthy dish.

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Did you know, you can enhance anything and everything with this super flavorful Ethiopian Clarified Butter, popularly known as Netir Kibbeh! This recipe will show you exactly how to make it perfect at home.

Make a huge batch and store in an airtight glass jar, and use on everything to make it even more delicious. The best part is that they’re freezer-friendly, too.

Give it a try, we are sure you will always keep this ready in your fridge.

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There is nothing quite as simple, yet delicious as an aziva salad, or an Ethiopian lentil salad. It’s a great salad that’s vegan, gluten-free, and packed with protein power.

Brown lentils, mustard seeds, black pepper, chilies and other ingredients make this bowl very tasty. You will love the perfect flavor combination.

Serve chilled or at room temperature as is, or pair it with your favorite meats to make it the perfect family meal.

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Spice up your plain salad with this Ethiopian Tomato Salad Recipe!

This unassuming salad consists of coarsely chopped red and green tomatoes and then drizzled with ginger, olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper dressing. For an extra spicy flavor, add onions and jalapenos.

A simple yet super tasty salad recipe to try this summer.

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If you are a dip lover, this Ethiopian version of the Eggplant Dip is a must try! The smoky, savory, sweet, and spicy flavors are totally mouth-watering.

This tasty dip can be a great contender for game days, get-togethers, or the best side for your main event. Serve it with fermented injera or crackers, and it will make a great appetizer or snack for you.

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This summer, make this Ethiopian Spris. It is an incredibly delicious and refreshing puree fruit juice that will amaze everyone.

It is made with fresh papaya, mango and avocado. Follow this easy recipe and enjoy this tropical meal. You’ll love looking at all three layers.

This recipe is highly customizable, so you can use your favorite fruits. You can make it a cocktail by adding your favorite drink.

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Well, to make Ethiopian dishes at home comforting, you need to know exactly how to make the most important spice blend, berbere.

This spice mix is ​​very easy to make using readily available ingredients and in just 15 minutes you can make your very own berbere mix.

So when you’re craving Ethiopian flavors, you don’t have to worry, because the hero ingredient is already ready in your cupboard.

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Need something different from your usual breakfast or snacks? Then try Yemarina Yewotet Dabo, an Ethiopian honey milk bread.

The recipe is easy to make, and the spice blend with honey is simply epic.

It is best served fresh, simply cool it to a moderate room temperature and serve it with butter and honey, and enjoy it as the ultimate completion of your scrumptious breakfast.

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We’re rounding out this super tasty list of Ethiopian recipes with another smashing and very popular curry, Alisha Woot!

This yellowish curry is made with plenty of onions, garlic, ginger, meat, potatoes, turmeric and seasoned butter, which makes this curry incredibly flavourful. It’s easy and full of great flavours.

Serve this curry with hot rice, or if you feel like having an Ethiopian feast, add some special side dishes and make your meal simply unforgettable.

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Known for its complex flavors and textures, Ethiopian food is the perfect way to liven up your mealtime. From deli meats to hearty vegetarian dishes, you’ll find something for everyone on this menu.

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