Top 23 Loaded Tea Recipes to Brew at Home

This is simple Loaded tea recipes It couldn’t be easier at home!

Loaded tea is one craze that i just can’t get over!

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Loaded tea is not packed with boba beans or jelly squares, but rather with nutrients!

From added vitamins and minerals to caffeine and herbal stimulants, this loaded tea has it all.

Bahama Mama tea filled with pineapple

These tea recipes can boost your energy, focus and metabolism. Additionally, you can find the ingredients at your local grocery store.

Go ahead and get your jug. It’s time to make some delicious tea.

Raid your pantry for a few simple ingredients to add to a cup of iced tea!

Turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, and lemon perfectly accompany green iced tea.

If you want a pretty purple, butterfly tea makes the magic happen.

The tea is boiled with herbs and spices, then sweetened to taste. Allow the tea to cool, and serve it in a glass over ice.

Ditch your morning coffee and have a cup of hot tea instead! It’s a great way to start your day with a boost of energy.

Start by boiling water, then add fresh ginger, plums, and cloves.

Stew the tea over low heat for 5 minutes, then add the honey and lemon juice.

This recipe is for hot tea, but it can be chilled and drunk over ice, too! Serve it with sliced ​​fresh peaches for more flavour.

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This loaded tea has flavors of orange, pineapple, and guarana all in the mix.

With pre-made drink mixes, it contains plenty of antioxidants and vitamins for optimal energy.

You need some blended beverages to make this loaded tea.

Orange Energy Rush, Pineapple Drink Mix, Guarana Powder, and Sonic Cherry Limeade are all required.

Mix it all with green tea, and top it off with aloe vera juice.

In just a few steps, you’ll be sipping on a fruity, tropical drink!

Loaded tea is basically steeped tea, and this tea is full of peach flavour.

And you’re only 5 ingredients away from sipping it.

Green tea, fresh ginger, and peach make up the bulk of the fruity flavour.

Sweeten this tea loaded with honey and add some acidity with fresh lemon juice.

Enjoy it hot, or you can serve it cold over ice!

If the frivolous title doesn’t attract you, perhaps the spooky colors will!

Or at least a delicious combination of watermelon, grapes, and orange.

This vibrant tea contains several blended beverages, along with black tea and aloe vera.

Most can be found at your local supermarket or ordered online.

Enjoy this delicious tea any day of the year, or serve it at a Halloween party!

Sweet and simple loaded tea doesn’t have to be loaded with sugar to be delicious.

With the right beverage on hand, you can enjoy this loaded raspberry tea at home.

This loaded tea contains four brews for the flavor of raspberry, pineapple, and white grape.

Layer raspberry tea, pineapple, and guarana on the bottom, then top with white grape liqueur.

This loaded tea will fuel you and is good to the last drop!

Well, I know you can totally use pink Starburst drink mix for this.

But then that won’t be the case loader With all the extra goodies!

Healthwise cranberry drink mix is ​​packed with protein and vitamins for your metabolism.

Pair that with strawberry lemonade and pink Starburst syrup mix, too!

If you want a pink, fruity drink, this is the infused tea for you!

I always order mango anything. And this Mango Tea Margarita can’t be topped.

Sweet and sour makes this taste (almost) like a mango margarita.

With our Margaritaville and Mango Punch drink mix, you’re on the right track.

This loaded tea also has a blend of apple green syrup and green mango tea as well.

Finish it off with aloe vera juice for the perfect five o’clock drink!

If i had to pick one loaded tea on this list to make, this is it.

There is something amazing about the combination of fruits and spices.

Much like a traditional cup of sangria, this loaded tea has spices and fruits in the mix.

A little bit of pomegranate and raspberry with cinnamon syrup is absolutely amazing.

To make this more like a traditional sangria, I like to serve it with sliced ​​fruit.

Who doesn’t enjoy the sweet dance of oranges and lemons in the pitcher?

You won’t feel stormy blue skies with laden tea in hand!

It’s a delicious blend of blueberries and lemon to fill your cup.

Hi-C is a delicious berry drink mix that pairs perfectly with lemonade and green tea.

The addition of Orange Energy Rush, guarana powder, and aloe vera makes this drink a hit.

If you prefer the flavor of blueberries to blueberries, use Starburst blueberry syrup mix instead.

You will sip waves of happiness with the coastal tea and fruits recipe!

Although Captain Jack might just ask where the rum is, which might be a good addition.

This tea is dark with black tea, Berry Energy Rush, Blue Hawaiian Punch, and Grape Beverage Blend.

Each of these ingredients creates a sweet berry drink, as deep in color as the ocean.

Guarana powder is an optional additive to these drinks, if you want an extra burst of energy.

It won’t change the flavor, but it will add more energizing nutrients.

If I could name this drink, I would call it a watermelon-raspberry blast. The vibrant fruit flavors are an explosion in every sip!

With watermelon green tea, blueberries, and strawberries, this is a fruity drink.

It has everything you need to get through a long day!

If you like lavender lemonade, try this purple mist.

Like many loaded teas, there are a few different additions to this recipe.

Wild Berry Punch and Citrus Energy Rush make this lavender lemonade even better.

If you’re serving this drink at a party, consider topping it with butterfly tea for a stark purple contrast.

Your guests will enjoy this drink for the ages!

Why fill up on sugar and additives when you can sip on a mug of prankster mountain instead?

The flavors in this drink more or less mimic the same flavor as the original Dew.

Citrus Energy Rush makes up the majority of the drink.

Then he finishes off with a little green tea powder, orange tang, and lemon lime drink.

Serve it with ice for the same cool and refreshing taste!

If you’re craving bubbles, just replace the water with seltzer water.

If you’ve ever worked the night shift, you know caffeine and vitamins are essential.

This loaded tea is sure to keep you up for those long evenings!

I love this recipe because it has a great classic tea flavour. This is, of course, along with the raspberry and strawberry smoothie!

For an extra touch of energy, add guarana powder. It won’t change the flavor of your drink, but it may help you stay up all night.

This loaded tea has summer written all over it!

It tastes like all of your favorite watermelon candies in one energizing tea, but it’s even healthier.

Watermelon green tea blend with ground watermelon drink creates the main flavour.

Berry Energy Rush and Guarana give this tea the “loaded” benefits you want!

Like a sunset, this drink has layers of color from many ingredients. With every layer, there’s a new delicious flavor to enjoy!

The bottom layer is filled with a citrus and pineapple syrup mix, then topped with cherry juice.

Of course, there are plenty of vitamins to boost your energy in this drink, too!

Top off the sunset with a sprinkle of tajine for a little Mexican flavor.

If i primary mean i sip on this loaded tea, so be it! I suppose i primary for a strawberry punch and rainbow fudge drink.

It’s amazing how creative tea can get. You will love the blend of fruity flavors in this delicious drink.

I prefer making this tea loaded with aloe vera juice for added flavor, but water is fine too.

The tropics are calling your name, and they’re not too far away.

In fact, this loaded tea will turn your kitchen into an island!

Mix green tea powder with pineapple, then double the Energy Rush drink mix with mango and strawberry.

Guarana powder gives it an extra boost of energy and aloe vera juice for antioxidants.

Who knew the tropics were filled with so much energy goodness, too?

If you’re craving a refreshing drink, look no further! This invigorating tea is just the drink you need on a hot summer day.

It has some serious tropical inspirations with the flavors of pina colada, pineapple, and orange.

Add a little pink lemonade and watermelon syrup mix for a real treat.

Sip on this delicious tea and sway to the beat. You will not be disappointed!

If you love the bubble gum flavor, this is the tea for you!

Starburst Pink Grape Syrup Mix Tastes Like Bubble Yum!

The addition of Berry Energy Rush, black tea, and guarana powder makes this drink So Energizing.

The recipe calls for cranberry juice as well, but the original will do just as well.

It’s a sweet, simple, and great afternoon refreshment!

Sour Patch does it right: slightly sweet and slightly sour!

This loaded tea has a blend of blueberries and lemon juice in every sip.

This recipe calls for black tea, which gives it a traditional iced tea flavor.

If you prefer green tea, it also goes well with other flavors.

With a blend of Citrus Energy Rush, lemon juice, and blueberries, this loaded tea is a cinch!

Don’t let the name fool you, this drink is not fiery at all! But it’s just as weird and wild as the dragon itself.

With a blend of berries, green tea, and dragon fruit energy drink, it’s full of flavour.

Top with a mixture of tea and aloe vera juice, topped with a mixture of Tropical Tepache de Pina.

The best part is that all of these blended drinks are available through the great value brand.

There is no need to sip on expensive drinks with a delicious loaded tea like this!

Loaded tea recipes

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