‘Total Makeover’: Throwback photos of a barber who’s starting to amaze so much he’s opening an even bigger salon

  • A hardworking young man who started his barbecue business many years ago has succeeded and grown in his business
  • Sharing photos of how he started out of a chipboard shop with limited resources, many people have been impressed by his dedication
  • The transgender man pictures made him smile in a well-decorated barbershop with modern equipment and facilities

The young man who started small as a barber succeeded in life. His story showed that anything one sets his mind to is possible.

At the start of his video, he can be seen standing with a sign that reads “British haircut”. The shop he made years ago was a makeshift made of clapboards.

Seconds into the video, it showed a fancy grill salon with modern chairs and decorations. There is even a locker ring light for each seat.

The floors of his new shop were tiled. There are also chaise longues in the salon. Many people prayed for his continued success with some saying he would certainly have a branch in Britain like his brand name offers.

Watch the video below:

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As of the time of writing, the video has amassed over 400 comments with over 33,000 likes.

Lawful I collected some of the reactions below:

Claudia Neam said:

“Glory…your next studio will be in Britain.”

Aqua Brian said:

“British haircut, still a pioneer in the city of Kounongu much love.”

Tinamakarthy said:

“We all use that song someday.”

user1254344052120 said:

“I swear I will use the voice someday.”

Toumua said:

“It was my barber from an early age. I remember the snacks I was given after shaving.”

Ohemaaconny said:

“I always say what we need is patience and hard work.”

user5973713111581 said:

“This is one of the stories that will inspire young people that there is hope.”

Kingbless Dewriter said:

“Glory be to God Almighty. Even if your beginning was small, the end will be great.”

The successful ones who gave Davido and Wizkid haircuts

while, Lawful I reported earlier that young barber Kfri Nana, who came to Lagos and started his business with N5000, has made it in life.

With over 70 people working for him, the man now owns his salon in four different locations. In a YouTube interview conducted by Stephen Nduku, the young man who now caters to a large group of VIP clients said he has flown in private jets several times to award stars like 2 Face, Wizkid, Timaya and Davido.

Another barber worked on Burna Boy’s hair

In similar news, a young man, Adeyinka, who went viral with photos emerging of him giving Burna Boy a cool haircut, spoke about his craft and recent success in an interview.

From a young man who discovered the power of social media to show off, he has now transformed into a celebrity stylist. A look at his Instagram page shows that he has been cutting celebrity hair.

Source: Legit.ng

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