Tradin Organic announces a partnership project with the European Union to expand organic cocoa production in Sierra Leone

Trade Organic, the global supplier of organic brands and retailers, has announced a €2.5 million collaborative project with the European Union (EU) to expand the application of cocoa in forestry in Sierra Leone. The organic leader has been developing business in the country since 2015 and aims to promote and expand the country’s exports of fair trade, high-quality organic cocoa.

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Mustafa Paul, Sierra Leone Organic’s Local Technical Assistance Manager, signed the contract with Gerald Hatler, Head of the Sierra Leone Cooperation Delegation to the European Union.

Over the next three years, the joint venture will contribute to preventing deforestation and improving the livelihoods of cocoa farmers By scaling up regenerative agroforestry systems. In Sierra Leone, Tradin’s local team of 60 works closely with farmers’ cooperatives and cocoa bean sources by providing training, tools and plants to set up such systems. Now, the global resource’s previous projects have merged and a grant of €1.85 million from the EU Delegation to Sierra Leone Union has expanded the work and impact.

The goal is to increase production and strengthen organic exports from Sierra Leone, a country still rebuilding after a period of civil conflict and the Ebola outbreak. This initiative provides an excellent opportunity to support more farming communities, confectionery manufacturers, retailers and brands to obtain high quality organic cocoa while supporting sustainable and responsible sourcing practices.

Tradin Organic’s supply chain in Sierra Leone includes hundreds of villages and thousands of farmers

Trade OrganicSierra Leone’s supply chain includes hundreds of villages and thousands of farmers. The agroforestry program operates through 153 Farmer Field Schools and 57 Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLA’s), which are small, farmer-led banks associated with the Child Protection Program. The EU grant will add another 50 villages to the programme.

Since Tradin began developing its business in the country in 2015, it has seen steadily growing interest from natural and sustainable brands and retailers across Europe and the United States. With a cocoa processing facility in the Netherlands, named Holland crownAnd Trade Organic Also capable of processing specialty cocoa beans into organic cocoa powder, butter, and liquor, among other certifications. It enables them to offer a stable supply of cocoa products to the market that can be traced from origin to table.

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Furthermore it, Trade Organic Offers a wide range of organic ingredients such as sweeteners, vegetable oils and fats, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, IQF fruit and concentrates. Tradin can offer a hassle-free selection of innovative certified organic ingredients with highest quality control, competitive prices and service excellence to meet the needs of the confectionery industry..

Tradin offers innovative certified organic ingredients with the highest levels of quality control, competitive pricing, and service excellence

with Trade OrganicCommitted to social responsibility and sustainability, customers can be confident that their sourcing practices support the communities they work with, the environment, and the products they produce.

About Tradin Organic

Trade Organic Is the world’s leading manufacturer of organic food ingredients, with over 13 offices worldwide and headquartered in amsterdam, part of the acomo group. Tradin Organic offers a full service suite, from unique sourcing, sustainability initiatives, distribution and processing capabilities. They source premium, certified organic food ingredients to the international food industry, and carry more than 150 products from more than 60 origins.

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