#trending: Former SIA cabin crew gives an explanation about the ‘pathetic’ breakfast on the plane, but netizens don’t bite

The user then goes on to say that “Low_Ses_Man” may have been served a continental breakfast on his flight, which would explain why the main course of sausage and eggs was missing.

“Jeduh” added that the fellow Redditor did mention that he received a full lunch service later on the flight.

“SQ was serving a continental breakfast even before Covid-19 so this isn’t something new that SQ has launched to cut costs,” the user wrote.

Jadouh also reiterated what a former crew member explained succinctly in the original post, which is that the types of meals served on the flight will depend on its duration.

On a seven-hour flight from Singapore to Melbourne, for example, passengers will have a main meal and a snack.

As lunch was also served on his flight, the “Low_Ses_Man” continental breakfast is actually the snack.

Refuting claims by some netizens that SIA stopped serving eggs for breakfast, Gedoh shared that such meals are still served on flights with full breakfast service.

I’m not trying to bring anyone down nor am I defending SQ. I just wanted to help everyone see a bigger picture and not just jump to conclusions without a lot of context.

“However, I totally agree that there are many things SQ and SATS could improve, no airline is perfect, and certainly not one that serves waffles for the night snack,” the user wrote in conclusion.

Redditors in the comments didn’t seem convinced by the former flight attendant’s explanation, compounding their complaints about the airline’s poor service standards.

One user wrote: “No one really cares about the definition of ‘continental breakfast’. What matters is what SQ, a premium airline, offers. They basically served passengers a pathetic plate of ‘roti’ (bread).”

Another commented, “Obviously the original post (by ‘Low_Ses_Man’) wasn’t giving the full picture, but the food on Singapore Airlines is absolutely awful and has been for some time.”

Others have claimed that service in economy has declined since the introduction of premium economy.

Many users also cited the switch from airline tanks to biodegradable containers, as well as the removal of hot towels as other signs that SIA service standards have decreased over time.

Hoping the SIA would “make some changes” as well, Jeduh urged people with complaints to send their feedback to the company as much as possible.

These new complaints come less than a month after a Reddit user last shared a photo of a “downgraded” meal served during an SIA flight from Singapore to Seoul, South Korea.

The passenger claimed that meals from the national carrier used to be served with cake, pudding and fresh fruit, but that these side dishes have now been replaced by a piece of biscuit and “cheap” disposable plastic cutlery.

In response to TODAY’s inquiries, the airline said that regular audits are conducted with catering partners to ensure the quality of the meals served onboard. It added that it would take customer feedback into consideration.

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