Turkey stalking numbers in Ohio continue to rise

Amy Rose Boasvert sits outside a curtain in Rhode Island in 2019, scanning the terrain for turkeys.  Up front is a turkey decoy designed to lure male turkeys close enough to shoot.

Ohio wild turkey hunters might get their groove back.

From a year ago with a one-bird end due to declining turkey numbers, early returns for the season indicate resilience among both hunters and turkeys. As of last Sunday, the total number of bearded birds was 10,351, 2,800 more than what was examined at the same point a year ago.

When accounting for the two-day youth season, the first week of the Southern Region season and the opening weekend of the five-district Northeast region season, receiving increased 37.1% of the 2022 total of 7,551.

The numbers are already in the range for last year’s statewide season final tally of 11,872 turkeys. Overtaking this past year seems almost certain given that three weeks of the 30-day season remain in the Southern region, which includes central Ohio, and four weeks in the Northeast counties.

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