Urmia Mosque is subject to landscaping project

TEHRAN – The historic Jameh Mosque in Urmia has undergone a landscaping project in the course of large-scale restoration works that began in 2014.

“Landscaping of the ancient mosque is going on at a fast pace,” said the head of tourism in West Azerbaijan Province on Monday.

The official said that Jameh Mosque in Urmia is one of the important historical monuments in the province, whose renovation and restoration work began a few years ago and is still ongoing.

Restoration work has so far included damaged decoration of the walls, the dome, the façade, the interior spaces and the roof, as well as the strengthening of the foundation.

It was built in the Seljuk era, and the famous altar in this section is attributed to the Ilkhanate era. The stucco on the altar is one of the highlights of this building. Chehelsotun Hall, literally meaning hall with forty pillars, is newer than and connected to the sanctuary.

The materials used in the different parts are also different. The main materials for the sanctuary and Chehelsotun hall are bricks which mostly appear in the upper parts. There are rooms located around the courtyard of Jameh Urmia Mosque, which, according to the tablets found there, date back to the year 1184 AH, the early years of the Zand era.

Traditionally, mosques and bazaars have always been important social centers in Iran. Tourists usually visit these places during their trips to Iran in order to better understand the social aspects and lifestyles of the people in each region.

By the advent of Islam, many mosques had replaced the fire temples. It is said to be the same for the Jameh Mosque in Urmia. The construction of the building began in the seventh century AH, because the pictorial decorations of this mosque, such as stucco, columns, and vaults, match the architectural style of the Seljuk era.

It is estimated that the altar was built in 676 AH. During different eras, great damage was done to the body of the building.

Several fixes have also been made. But their dates are not known. Although the date of the restoration of this building is not known, this mosque was certainly restored and restored along with other ancient parts of the city, especially the bazaar.

The terms Jameh Mosque, Jameh Mosque, and Friday Mosque are used in Iran to refer to a large congregational mosque where obligatory Friday prayers are performed: the phrase is used in other Islamic countries but only in Iran does it denote this end.


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