Watch out for these unlucky colors of the Chinese zodiac signs

Whether it is a prestigious ceremony, festival or ritual, color symbolism plays a vital role in Chinese culture. Colors have powerful meanings for each Chinese zodiac sign, and the shades you wear can either enhance or dull your journey to success, prosperity, and luck. While there is an auspicious group of colors that correspond to your Chinese spirit animal, there is also an unlucky group of colors that portend misfortune. So, what are the unlucky colors of the Chinese horoscope? Read on!

Chinese aesthetics are vastly different and distinct from what we see in the West, due to the former’s heavy reliance on color symbolism. The fusion of positive forms and the avoidance of negatives is what creates the uniquely Chinese aesthetic.

Even psychologists read the importance of colors to understand their influence on human behavior. On the other hand, color cures are of great importance in feng shui to attract wealth and abundance. Now that we’ve established the importance of colors, let’s take you through a detailed guide to the unlucky colors for each Chinese zodiac sign that you might want to avoid.

Unlucky colors based on your Chinese zodiac sign

Mouse – yellow, brown

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The first sign of the Chinese zodiac cycle, the rat is intelligent and popular. Their advice and opinions are asked by many. Despite their industriousness and creativity in their ideas, Rats often fail to gain recognition due to a lack of confidence.

Despite its bright hues, yellow is associated with feelings of cowardice, betrayal, and anxiety, which reduces this sign’s confidence. On the other hand, brown (especially deep shades of brown) provokes melancholy, lethargy, and a feeling of heaviness that hinders the development of the rat.

This sign should give preference to its lucky colors such as blue, gold and green.

Taurus – blue

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Always striving for balance and poise, people born with Oxen have great leadership qualities that help them focus on their ultimate goal without any distraction. While xoes are often calm and composed, you don’t want to witness their fierce temperament unravel when something makes them angry, or someone lets them down.

This sign should be wary of showing off the color blue, which brings out their cold and unfriendly side. It also makes one appear as someone who lacks feelings or is emotionally unavailable.

Taurus should instead choose white, yellow or green hues.

tiger – brown

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Strong-willed, brave, and charismatic Tiger people are daring fighters who always stand up for what they believe is right. This fiery passion and excessive independence often makes the sign appear stubborn, aggressive, and reckless. Although they are very generous towards the people they love, they will not seek support from others or open up to them.

Brown stands in complete contrast to the tiger’s personality, devoid of spirit, vitality, and energy. It does not provide the spontaneity that born Tigers seek. Despite being one of the most dominant colors on earth, brown dilutes this sign’s spark and stirs up negativity.

The tiger zodiac sign should choose shades of blue, gray or orange to attract positivity.

Rabbit – dark yellow, white

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People belonging to this sign embody the peace, calm, and elegance associated with the Rabbit. They are very artistic, methodical, and attentive in most things they do, which often helps them savor success in their profession. Their gentle and easy-going nature is also the result of nervousness and indecision brewing within them.

Yellow is one of the most powerful colors psychologically, as it can lift a person’s spirits or cause low self-esteem and increase anxiety and fear. For rabbits, yellow evokes the latter. On the other hand, white increases feelings of isolation and emptiness for this sign.

The zodiac sign of the Rabbit should trust red, pink, purple and blue colors for positivity and luck.

Dragon – blue and green

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Confident, ambitious, Dragons are quick to seize and take advantage of every opportunity that comes their way. While their opinions are highly valued by people, Dragon-born people can be blunt and unfiltered while being critical of others. This sign also becomes naive at times.

Blue is one of the most reserved colors, which makes the Dragon look cold and distant. You must have heard the expression “feeling blue”, which associates the color with feelings of sadness and negativity. Meanwhile, green dulls the Dragon’s passion and ambition due to its association with stagnation and boredom.

Gold and silver have proven to be the lucky colors of the Dragon, as they attract success and well-being.

Snake – brown, golden

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Born under the sign of wisdom, Snakes are deep thinkers who love to reflect/meditate and are gifted with excellent intuition. They are usually stubborn as well as overconfident, and often unleash their tough side to make their dreams come true. Because of their overly ambitious nature, they cannot stand failure or defeat.

This sign should stay away from dark brown tones that add to their negative feelings. It instills a feeling of loneliness and isolation, and takes away that sign of happiness. Flaunting gold is associated with selfishness and opportunism. Snakes are seen to be very arrogant and flashy while wearing gold.

This sign should instead trust black, red and yellow to attract good luck.

Horse – white, blue

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Elegant and charming by nature, horses are very popular at parties and social gatherings. They always juggle multiple interests and activities and end up wasting their energy on trivial things. This sign loves challenges, and failure is humiliating and disastrous for them.

White lacks depth, which creates a sterile and cold environment for the Horse sign that makes it difficult for them to engage in productive activities. Blue makes horses feel unsettled and threatened, and they play with peace of mind.

Yellow and green work best for horses, calming their moods and improving them quickly.

Goats – black, blue

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The most artistic of the Chinese zodiac signs, the Goats are blessed with strong creativity and great success in their profession. Kind and understanding people never try to hurt feelings and will always be at the forefront of those close to them in times of need. However, this sign requires a lot of attention and approval from others, which instills a sense of insecurity and high dependence on others.

Black is essentially an absence of light, hiding rather than highlighting the good qualities of this sign. It also brings up feelings of anger, in contrast to the goat’s calm nature. On the other hand, blue makes her look unfriendly.

This sign should try to incorporate browns, reds, and purples into their daily lives in order to thrive.

Monkey – red, pink

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Imaginative, curious, and witty, Monkeys have charming personalities. Their quick wit helps them beat their opponents. However, they can often be dishonest and cunning with people to get what they desire. They often fantasize about this cunning nature with their charm, which makes it difficult for others to understand their true character.

Red is the “red flag” for those born in the year of the Monkey, full of aggressiveness and irritability. It also reinforces their overly competitive side, as they ignore other people’s feelings to get to the top. While pink appears physically soothing and nurturing, it also represents weakness and a lack of strength. It exudes magnetic monkey personality.

This sign should choose shades of white, blue, or gold to reach its best potential.

Rooster – red

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The fiery Rooster embodies confidence and authority in all of its activities and is very scrupulous about its appearance and actions. These people are excellent organizers, they like to lead a very social life and build influential relationships with ease. However, this air of confidence can come across too strong at times, causing people to think they are too selfish and too deeply centered on their own accomplishments.

Red is the unlucky color of the Chinese zodiac sign. Red is one of the strongest hues that lacks simplicity, which makes roosters aggressive and arrogant. Color screams dominance and fuels this sign’s narcissistic streak.

Roosters should place their trust in golds, browns, and yellows for warmth and light.

Dog – white, golden

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Honest, friendly, loyal, and reliable, this zodiac dog sign stands true to its name. Dogs always champion noble causes, constantly looking out for the less fortunate. People love this sign for their integrity and sincerity, someone who always exudes confidence. This sign is not a great social person, and prefers to stay with only her close entourage. They often come across as pessimistic, overthinking made up scenarios and constantly worrying about things.

White increases this sign’s feelings of detachment and disinterest, further drawing it into its cocoon. It is also less sensual and does not justify the personality of the sign. Meanwhile, gold is associated with assertiveness, a quality that is polar opposite to a dog’s personality.

Red, green and purple hues bring balance to a dog’s life.

Pig – red, green

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Ending the zodiac cycle is the honest peace-keeping pig. People of this sign are the epitome of calm, always serving as a go-between to bring opposing factions together. They hate pretense, falsehood, or revenge seekers. Pigs have tremendous patience and maturity to forgive others for their wrongdoings, however, they are often considered weak because of this gullibility.

Red often displays feelings of dominance and aggression, which stand in stark contrast to the Pig’s personality. On the other hand, green is associated with materialism and envy and disrupts the intelligent thinking of the sign.

Pigs should flaunt yellow, gray or brown colors to keep them balanced and calm.

I hope this list of unlucky colors of the Chinese zodiac will help you move away from negativity!

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