WCSU students launch a food pantry on campus in Danbury

DANBERRY – Carla Mattos, a senior nursing student at Western Connecticut State University, says she co-founded the campus food pantry “because I’m passionate about helping students.”

“As a mother and a student, I know how hard it can be affording food while attending college, working part-time or full-time, paying bills and other responsibilities,” said Mattos, who is from Danbury.

“Many of our students are struggling financially and with food insecurity,” she said, “and we hope the food pantry will ease the burden for them.”

About four months ago, officials at WCSU recognized the need for a food pantry on campus and contacted student leaders for help.
Three students—Karla Mattos from Danbury, sophomore Emily Cabell from Brookfield, and Michael Azee from New Fairfield—volunteered to make the project their priority. The idea was researched and planned, with input from WCSU committees and organizations as well as the community.

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