Where feng shui says to place water features in your home

For anyone who wants to add feng shui elements to their home, it is essential to have a bagua map. According to AstroStyle, Bagua means “eight regions.” As the name suggests, this feng shui map divides your home into eight sections — or individual rooms — based on colors, elements, orientation, and use. On the map, it seems that one of the best places to place the elements of Water would be in the northern area of ​​your home, as this is the area of ​​the element, as well as the functional area of ​​your space.

However, the trend isn’t the only thing to look at. You can also look at the colors on the map and think about the color of the water. For example, blue hues can be beneficial in the southeast, east, and northeastern areas of your home, which are respectively aligned with wealth, prosperity, family, knowledge, and self-cultivation.

TotalPond says that the water element symbolizes abundance and prosperity in feng shui, so you’ll need this element in the areas you wish to have. The best place to use water is in the living room and in the corner of wealth. Any room in the southeast area of ​​your home can be an excellent location for water.

You can also merge items. For example, consider placing the Water element in one of the areas associated with the Metal element with a metal fountain, such as a copper one.

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