Why you need to stop getting rid of the tabs on your olive oil bottles

We may have made our lives a little more difficult by getting rid of the plastic tab that comes on bottles of olive oil.

You may have found yourself in the kitchen preparing food and pouring a little oil into the pan.

Annoying, right? Well, it turns out that there is a solution to this problem — and it’s in every bottle of oil you buy.

Most of us would probably be convinced that the tab at the bottom of the oil bottle cap is there to ensure that the product stays fresh and does not leak.

However, it turns out to be particularly useful, so maybe it’s time to use it up rather than throw it away.

Oil is poured into a frying pan (from Wikimedia Commons)

In a video uploaded to social media, the creator showed how he opens a bottle of oil, grabs the band attached to the tab, and removes it. Instead of throwing away that piece of plastic, this is what he does:

what did he do?

He turns the tab over and puts it back into the bottle, which helps him control the amount of oil spilled.

Many viewers were excited about the idea and didn’t understand why they hadn’t thought of it before.

“This is very helpful! How could they not tell us?” wrote one viewer.

Another commented: “Oh my God, I never knew.”

A third person added: “It is a shame that the manufacturer does not explain to the consumer how to use their product.”

Someone said sarcastically: “Half of our life’s problems have already been solved, we don’t know it’s been solved yet.”

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