You have to watch this brave dog fend off an invading bear like a nightclub bouncer

Well done to this brave dog! They were caught on camera escorting a black bear from the yard. Scroll down to watch the full video of this extraordinary encounter.

What do black bears usually eat?

This get-together was all about the food! The bear was clearly interested in what was in the trash cans in that yard. They need to eat a lot to stay healthy and their diet may vary depending on where they live. For example in Florida their diet varies seasonally but their nutrition is generally derived from 80% plants, 15% insects and 5% animal matter which makes them carnivores.

In terms of plants, they like grass, leaves, hard and soft masts. Steel mast things like nuts and nuts. The soft mast is things like saw palmetto and holy berries. Insects in their diet are wasps, bees, termites, and ants.

They may get the small amount of meat they need from carrion (animals that are already dead) or from armadillos and opossums. As you can see, bears are not that hard! Thus, they are attracted to food scraps in the litter and can smell them from up to a mile away.

Black bear population by state
Black bears are carnivores and can smell food from up to a mile away

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How do black bears feel about dogs?

The bear in this clip looks confused more than anything else. It’s as if you can’t tell what triggers the dog. For most of the clip, his body language seems very relaxed, which is more than can be said of a dog!

According to the North American Bear Center, black bears usually run away from dogs even when they are much larger than dogs. It is not uncommon to see a 30-pound dog chase a 200-pound bear. Having said that, bears are smart and can learn from experience. They realize that dogs on leashes or in kennels and crates can’t get to them. Therefore, they learn to ignore leashed dogs!

However, there are also cases when a bear feeling threatened attacked a dog and even carried it away. Here, the bear retreated and the dog prevailed.

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